Burial of John Franklin. Author: me


Kabloonas is the way in which the Inuit who live in the north part of Canada call those who haven´t their same ascendency.

The first time i read this word was in the book "Fatal Passage" by Ken McGoogan, when, as the result of the conversations between John Rae and some inuit, and trying to find any evidence of the ill-fated Sir John Franklin Expedition, some of then mentioned that they watched how some kabloonas walked to die in the proximities of the river Great Fish.

I wish to publish this blog to order and share all those anecdotes that I´ve been finding in the arctic literature about arctic expeditions. My interest began more than 15 years ago reading a little book of my brother about north and south pole expeditions. I began reading almost all the bibliography about Antarctic expeditions and the superknown expeditions of Scott, Amundsen, Shackleton, etc. After I was captured by the Nansen, Nobile and Engineer Andree. But the most disturbing thing in that little book, full of pictures, was the two pages dedicated to the last Franklin expedition of the S.XIX, on that moment I thought that given the time on which this and others expeditions happened, few or any additional information could be obtained about it. I couldn´t imagine that after those two pages It would be a huge iceberg full of stories, unresolved misteries, anecdotes, etc. I believe that this iceberg, on the contrary than others, would continue growing instead melting.



This is a neverending project on which I am trying to locate all the information related with the relics from the Franklin expedition found as the result of many searching expeditions. I have, and still being, been helped for  many people from the "Remembering the Franklin expedition group". I hope this is going to be of some help for you, friends.


In this other map I am naming all the geographical features of some interest related with the exploration of the Northwest passage.


My Babylonian project which is an unfinished and permanently at work map of the Northwest Passage where I have been roughly drawing all the routes followed by the expeditions towards the North Pole and to the Northwest Passage during the nineteenth century. 

I am marking the deaths occurred during those expeditions together with short descriptions about how and where were they interred.

Arctic regions : with the tracks of search parties and the progress of discovery, compiled from the latest information / compiled by A.C. Roberts ; lithography by Gr. Noetzel.

I have found an interesting source of information which will allow me to paint more routes in my Google Earth map. It is no other than a map which was drawn in 1895 and which contains a big number of arctic expeditions till that time: